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    Readi Spaghetti takes pride in creating the fastest, freshest, and healthiest Italian food possible. The Readi family recognizes that in today’s world, time is the most important asset. We understand that you’re balancing five different tasks, and three different sports for all of your kids. We get it! This is why Readi Spaghetti is your number one choice for a super quick and healthy Italian meal. We prepare family recipes from scratch everyday specifically for you. 

    Readi Nutrition

    Readi Spaghetti offers multi-grain pastas that contain more fiber, protein, and nutrients than regular pasta. Dietitians and health professionals recommend these heart healthy low glycemic carbohydrates as they help build more sustainable energy in the body for a longer period of time, without spiking insulin levels in the body that can direct the body to store more fat. These healthy complex carbohydrates play a vital role in a well balanced diet that helps promote weight loss, hydrates muscles, and transfers proteins to muscles. Multi-grain pasta is a fantastic alternative for people that are conscientious about their diet and are looking for a meal to give them extra energy throughout the remainder of the day.

    We also incorporate Extra Virgin Olive Oil in over 90 percent of our dishes and is arguably the most healthy oil and fat on the planet. Nutritionists suggest this natural and healthy oil promotes weight loss, reduces cholesterol, strengthens the heart, hair, and skin, as well as adds tremendous flavor to all Italian dishes. This amazing ingredient is an Italian staple, and its amazing properties allow Readi Spaghetti to deliver high quality Italian food not only super fast, but super healthily.

    Our Tomato sauces are all made out of the finest tomato sauces available, and have endless health benefits and contributions to the human body. Our made from scratch marinara sauce includes these lycopene rich ingredients, as well as multiple freshly cut vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil. According to researchers and scientists, Lycopene, which is the main phytochemical and antioxidant found in tomatoes, contributes to numerous health benefits to the human body, including significantly reducing chances of cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. With all these benefits from eating a tomato sauce…we say eat up!