“Serving America one small bowl of pasta at a time” - Anonymous Readi Teammate

We are READI SPAGHETTI – FAST. ITALIAN. KITCHEN or just “READI” as everyone seems to call us. We’re all about quality, quickness, service, and value. We take enormous pride in hand rolling our sausage everyday, cooking the Jonny Meat Sauce from scratch, & crafting all of our dressings every single day just for you. When it comes to freshness and REAL READI cooking in our kitchens, we really do walk the walk.

And to that we say READI-ON, man!

Mangia Bene! – Jonny "Meatsauce" Anderson

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Our story begins with a boy, Jonny Anderson to be precise. Jonny grew up in the restaurant business, and comes from a large and fun Italian family. His father was in the restaurant business, and his mother was in the restaurant business. In fact, his entire family was in the restaurant business. So it was only natural that if you were looking for young Jonny, you would most likely find him in a kitchen. Jonny learned what made food taste good from his parents and Italian family, and what made it taste really good! He learned how to pick the best tomatoes, the best cheeses, and the best garlic, as well as the secret Italian family recipes that have been enjoyed and celebrated for generations. Jonny learned that garlic makes any dish better, and not only using the freshest ingredients possible, but the secret Italian family preparation methods that makes his family recipes delicious! Jonny was always encouraged to participate in the family business of making great food to make great customers happy!

One day many years ago, Jonny decided he wanted to create his own special sauce, a meat sauce. Using his acquired cooking skills and secret Italian methods, he spent years experiementing and perfecting the greatest meat sauce in the world. During these years, he cooked meat sauce for numerous friends, sports teammates, families, and anyone willing to try his famious creation. After his special sauce was created, his family added it to their menu and it because a HUGE success. From then on, friends, families, colleagues, and even customers, dubbed him "Jonny Meatsauce."

Jonny alaways knew that one day he would have his own restaurant, where he could share his love for great Italian food and his special sauce creations with the world. Well, that day is today. Welcome to Readi Spaghetti, Fast Italian Kitchen. It's our goal and mission to share with you the fastest, freshest, healthiest, most affordable Italian food possible, in a family fun and enjoyable atmosphere. All of our secret family recipes and signature dishes are served pronto (that's really fast!), and whether you eat it here or take it home, we know you'll love the care, creativeness, and attention that Jonny brings to each and every tiem. So sit down and enjoy the special sauces, special recipes, and special atmosphere! We're always glad to see you!


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Readi Spaghetti Founder, Jonny Anderson "aka Jonny Meatsauce"


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